Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wherefore thou ark?

Going back to movie lore of the 1980s, which seems like a few blinks of the eye now, the Ark of the Covenant has stirred imagination and possibility. Go back a few millennia and it's impossible to discourage the mystery of where the original Ark was taken. How many places was it transported to? Was there really more than one version of the Ark?

There are all kinds of theories, but the one that would make most sense is likely one that took the relic far away from population centers. After all, in Hawaii, we have our mystery about the bones of great King Kamehameha I. Nobody has uncovered the location of his remains, and nobody's talking, either. If his mana, or power, from the bones of his body have remained a secret in such a small place for more than 200 years, imagine how well guarded the Ark is after far more time.

Wherever the ark(s), it's encouraging to know that through time, regardless of culture and religion, there remains a fascination with the 10 Commandments and their origins. My guess is that the Ark is in Ethiopia, a place quite far away from the original site of the Ark, at least in Old Testament times. If it is there, how much longer can it remain a mystery rather than a fact, especially in today's world of instant communication and media?

Maybe there really are copies upon copies of not one, but two versions of the Ark, as the theory goes, and they've been spread about the world, as many other claims go. But I'd say Ethiopia is where it is, if I were to guess. Just a hunch.

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